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Viewing Customer Rewards Information
Viewing Customer Rewards Information

This article will show you how to quickly view customer information like points to next reward, number of rewards, and lifetime points.

Written by Austin Griggs
Updated over a week ago

There are many ways to view customer rewards information. We store Points to Next Reward, Lifetime Points, and Number of Rewards right in Heartland for all of your rewards customers.

Viewing Rewards from Customer List

The quickest way to view rewards information is to configure your rewards custom fields as visible on the Customer List in Heartland. To do this, you need to make sure that the custom fields being used for storing rewards information are marked as visible on the customer list. An example is shown below:

To view the Customer List from the POS screen:

  1. Click the "Add Customer" button in the top right of Heartland POS.

  2. Search for the customer.

Viewing Rewards from Transaction

  1. Add a customer to a ticket, here is a link if you need a reminder on how to do that. 

  2. "Points to Reward" and "Number of Rewards" are featured prominently at the bottom of the screen.

  3. For more details, click the bar graph next to the customer's name in the top right of Heartland POS.

  4. In the Dashboard tab, you can see a customer's rewards history which shows points and rewards earned as well as rewards used. 

  5. Click the Info tab to view fields "Lifetime points", "Number of Rewards", and "Points to Reward". Note: Your field names may vary slightly.

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