Redeeming Rewards
Written by Austin Griggs
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When you set up your program, you will tell us the shortcut key (or keys) you would like to use to redeem rewards. In this example, we assume that the letter 'r' was chosen as the reward key.

Rewards can be redeemed either as a Heartland coupon or as a Heartland item. As part of your onboarding, we will help you determine which is the best method for your business. Generally speaking, if you do not do a lot of promotions or markdowns, the coupon method is our suggestion. Otherwise, we suggest using an item because it will give you much more control over how the reward is applied.

Rewards are redeemed simply by entering your reward key and pressing enter. On the back-end, this is applying a Heartland coupon or adding an item assigned to that letter to the transaction.

Redeem Rewards

  1. Add a customer to a transaction. Here is a link if you need more help.

  2. Add items to the transaction. 

  3. Type rewards letter or name into the search bar. (Default is "r" but you can figure this differently as part of your program's configuration).

  4. Complete transaction as normal. The customer's number of rewards will be decreased.

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