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Rewards Program Tutorial Video
Rewards Program Tutorial Video
Written by Cameron Frisby
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Video Transcript:


Hello everyone! This is Cameron with Ready Set Retail. I’ll be showing you how to use the Ready Set Retail Rewards Program. This utility integrates directly with Heartland Retail and makes rewarding customers a breeze. We’ll go over how to enroll new customers into the rewards program, how customers can earn points and rewards, how to view customer reward information, how customers can redeem rewards, how rewards behave with price adjustments, and how to manually adjust rewards. You can use these timestamps to skip to the section you’re looking for. All of this information can also be found in our support articles at

Enrolling Customers:

Our rewards program has an optional auto-enrollment feature. If it is enabled, any new customers will be automatically enrolled into the program when they are added to Heartland. Adding a new customer to Heartland is easy, all you need to do is click “Add Customer” in the Heartland Retail Point of Sale Screen. In the pop-up window, click “Add Customer” in the top left corner and add the information you want to gather from the customer. Once you have the information you want, click the “Add” button in the top right corner. That customer has now been added to the rewards program!

If you have auto-enrollment disabled the process is a little different. The only difference is you need to manually set the “Rewards Member” field to true while adding a new customer.

If you are adding an existing customer to the rewards program, you only need to edit their information. Do this by going to the customer you want to add to the program, either by clicking the bar graph button next to their name in the POS screen or by finding them in the customer list. Once you found the customer you want to add, click on the info tab and change the “rewards member” field to true. Click Save in the top right corner and that’s it! You have a new member in the rewards program.

Earning Points and Rewards:

Customers earn points when they are added to a ticket or invoice that gets completed. The number of points earned is up to you and how you configure your rewards program. Currently, we support points per dollar, points per visit, or a combination of the two. We’ll show an example of a customer earning points. First, let’s add a customer to this transaction. You’ll see at the bottom of the screen the number of points and rewards that the customer has earned in the past. Next, we’ll add the items they are purchasing. Now, let’s complete the transaction. When the transaction is completed, the customer’s points and rewards will be updated automatically. The points to reward will be adjusted to reflect the new number of points needed to earn a reward, and if the customer has earned any rewards, the number of rewards will also be updated accordingly. A note will be added to the Dashboard tab of the customer’s detail view detailing how many points were earned and the number of the transaction they earned those points from.

Viewing Customer Rewards Information:

There are a few ways to see how many points or rewards a customer has. All of this information is stored directly in Heartland. The quickest way to view rewards information is to configure your rewards custom fields as visible on the Customer List in Heartland. To do this, click on “settings” at the top of the Heartland dashboard. Navigate to “Custom Fields” on the left, and search for the custom fields that are used to store the rewards information, we used the field called “Number of Rewards”. Once you find that, click on it, and set the switch that is labeled “Display on customer list” to “yes.” Save your changes using the Save button in the top right corner. Once you have made these changes, you will be able to see points and rewards in the customer list.

Another way to check is through the Heartland POS screen, add a customer to the ticket. At the bottom of the screen, you can see how many points are required to earn the next reward and the number of available rewards for the customer.

You can also see a customer’s reward history in the customer details. In the customer’s info tab, you can see fields for lifetime points earned, the number of rewards the customer has, and points required to earn the next reward. The titles on your fields may vary slightly from ours.

Redeeming Rewards:

During your onboarding process, you will set a shortcut key, or keys, for using rewards. By default, the key is the letter ‘r’ so that is what we will use in this example. Using rewards is simple. First, let’s add a customer and some items to a ticket. You can see the price total is unchanged right now. Next, we are going to use the shortcut key in the item search bar and press enter. This will apply either a Heartland coupon or item, depending on what you chose to use during your onboarding, to the transaction. Now that we have applied the rewards coupon, you can see the prices have changed. Now, complete the transaction as normal and the customer’s rewards will be automatically updated.

Rewards and Price Adjustments:

Typically, rewards are applied to transactions as Heartland coupons. It’s important to understand how Heartland applies coupons so we can fully understand how rewards work.

A Heartland coupon will NOT be applied to items that have been manually marked down at the register.

A Heartland coupon WILL be applied to items that are marked down via Promotions or because they have been marked down using the Current Price field.

Let’s say you are checking out a customer at the register. They have some items they want to buy using rewards, and a damaged item they are asking for a discount on. In order for rewards to work on the entire transaction, you need to do the following steps:

First, add the item that will be manually marked down at the register and change its price, in our example the damaged item.

Next, add the rest of the items whose prices don’t need to be changed.

Then, apply the rewards using your rewards key shortcut. You should see the price update for the items, including the item that had its price adjusted at the register. Now you can complete the transaction as normal.

Manually Adjusting Rewards:

Finally, let’s go over how to manually adjust the number of rewards a customer has. There are a couple of ways of doing this.

First, add a customer to a ticket. Then, click the bar graph button next to their name. This opens the customer’s information. Next, click on the “Info” tab at the top. In this menu, you can edit the number of rewards by changing the number in the “Number of Rewards” field. Once you’ve done that, click “save” in the top right corner. You can now refresh Heartland and it will show the updated reward count at the bottom of the POS screen.

You can also do this from the Heartland customer list. Find the customer you want to edit and select them. After that, it’s the same as doing it from the POS screen. Click “info” and change the “number of Rewards” field.


And that’s it! If you have any more questions about our products, feel free to email us, check our support articles, and check out our channel for more product tutorials.

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