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Reward Coupon Redemption Reporting
Reward Coupon Redemption Reporting
Written by Sarahbeth Andersen
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Reward Coupon Reporting

If you would like to see a report on your store coupons, a reward coupon report is one of the many reports that can be generated in Heartland.

  1. Login to your Heartland account. Click on Reporting in the top bar in your Heartland account. This will bring you to Heartlands main reporting page.

  2. Underneath Filters, select the date range you’d like the report to cover, and then select the location you’d like to run the report on; to do that, in the drop-down boxes select “Location is one of”, and then add the location you want to run the report on. If you have more than one store you can also get reports on more than one location, just add additional locations in the third box.

  3. Underneath Groups, first remove any default filters that might have already been selected; then add Sales Transaction >> Discount Name from the drop-down box.

  4. Underneath Metrics tab remove any default filters that have already been selected; then from the drop-down box add Source Sales >> Net Markdowns, and Source Sales >> #of Tickets.

You will then see the report at the bottom of your screen. This will show you all discounts that have been used in your store, so you'll need to look at specific coupons to see their report. If this is a report you'd like to run regularly you can save it by clicking the blue save button at the top of the page.

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